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Just some odd links. :) I especially like the Elfwood site. :)

Paul's Home Page Gonna be the new page
The site of my favourite person in the whole world. :)

Green Dragons Home Page
Poetry, art, essays and thoughts of the Green Dragons. :)

Site with lots of fun stuff on like a letter from the Smithsonian (not as dry as it sounds), nice images etc. :) Good stuff. :)

Courtneys' web site
This one has tons of lyrics to songs on. I just hate to think just how much time it took to do it all. :)

Jadon and Luke.
And this is definatly a slightly more worrying site. :)
is an e-zine I like. It's stories, poems, essays, that kind of thing. You can send in your own work to get it put onto the site.
And this would be my favourate time-wasting thing ever on the web. The arcade. :)

This is a really decent site with literally thousands of different sci-fi/fantasy stories and pictures that people have written or drawn and sent in. It's well worth a look. :)

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