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Tables turned on fox hounds

Scary stuff this... :)

You always hear in school about survival of the fittest and all that and how what you see around you is a result of years of evolution. Random mutations, best suitest survives. Well, this is something along those lines.

Fox hunts are nothing new. Bunch of people on horses with guns, a pack of dogs or two to hunt the fox. Except that now a new kind of fox has been discovered, affectionatly named the "super fox" by those who have seen it in action. This new kinda fox now has both brawn to go with the brains, and has been causing trouble on hunts as it doesn't take too kindly to being chased about its own wood, and has been known to turn on the dogs hunting them, severly injuring, even killing them on occasion. Genetic engineering gone horribly wrong? Or just a strange twist of nature...

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