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The dat. The new household pet?

After successfully crossing tigers and lions to make the tigon and the liger (no duff, I swear it), aswell as sheep and goats to make shoats, Cambridgeshire scientists are now getting rather confident in their abilities. Now plans are being put forward to try yet another project. The dat.

The dat, as it is now being called, is proposed to be a cat/dog cross. The idea is to get an animal with the independnce of a cat and the friendliness of a dog. No more kennels when you go on holiday, because as with the cat, you'd be able to get the next-door neighbour to slip in and feed it when needed, but still frienly enough so that you would still see them from time to time.

Just hope no-one expects me to get one. I'm perfectly happy with the cats we have, thank you.

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