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Bird of prey meets Chihauhua

(Not a very pretty picture)

In recent years the endangered species, the Red Kite, has been re-introduced into secluded areas of the Brittish Isles, among these, the Brecon Beacons in South Wales, a popular area for walking. In most cases, the news of the re-introduction of these madgnificent creatures has been received with open arms, though for some, this is proving a rather trying expirience.

One example would be the story of 62yr old Bridget Jones who would take her chihauhua for walks up the side of the mountains each week, but was set upon by a recently released Red Kite. The bird, usually feasing on young rabbits and other smaller birds, had seen the chihauhua and decided to swoop on the poor animal, rather than have it's usual meagre fair. It was to an "arms open" welcome that it came, but more from trying to stop it from flying away with Mrs Jones' dog than from any real atachment to the bird.

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